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Edwin Harrop

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Ann Ronhock

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PCST Donna Merrick

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Medical Equipment Coordinator

Mike Coates, 508-699-8622

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Membership in the Lions Club is a privilege and done by invitation. The Plainville Lions is constantly striving for new members; male and female; young and old. If you have a desire to help your community and have FUN doing so; we’d like to have you join us.

Today, there are over 1.4 million lions around the world in 245 countries and geographic locations. You are invited to visit the Lions Club International website at to see just how global charitable and community minded we are. Plainville is one of 46,000 clubs within the Lions Club organization.

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For nearly 100 years, Lions have changed lives in their communities and around the world. In celebration of our Centennial in 2017, Lions everywhere are being challenged to serve 100 million people.

Engaging Our Youth

Engaging Our Youth

Youth who engage in meaningful service projects experience a host of positive outcomes. Lions can engage youth by (a) developing programs they can relate to, (b) encouraging their input and participation in the planning process, and (c) promote valuable life skills while emphasizing the role of service.

Sharing the Vision

Sharing the Vision

“Globally, up to 80% of visual impairment and blindness in adults is preventable or treatable.” (WHO*). Lions have the opportunity to show the strength and impact of our global network through participation during a special “Sharing the Vision” Centennial Service Challenge.
*World Health Organization

Relieving the Hunger

Relieving the Hunger

“Almost 1 billion people across the globe will go to bed hungry tonight, 200 million of them children.” (USAID*). Lions have an opportunity to show the strength of our worldwide network during a special service action campaign, “Relieving the Hunger.”
*United States Agency for International Development

Protecting Our Environment

Protecting Our Environment

The environment is a major concern for communities and people around the world. During the last century alone, the world lost more than 80 percent of its original forests, which provide a source of livelihood, protection from natural disasters and absorb carbon dioxide emissions that lead to global warming.